1:1 Life Coaching

I work with people on their relationships.
The relationship to themselves, with others & with their children.

We talk about all the beautiful & the ugly.

We work together so that you understand yourself on a deeper level. Once you’ve created awareness, I work with you to practice stepping outside your old patterns, so that you can get what you truly desire.


I just want to vent, sigh & then find a new way forward.
I’m looking to raise well balanced humans.
I want to have the kind of relationships I desire.
I’m craving routines that make our mornings/evenings work.
I want to plan adventures as a family.
I want someone on my family’s team for success.


Book a free 20min intro session to see what’s possible.
Over the phone, on Zoom, or out on a walk, you choose what’s best for you.

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Adults – It’s an hour & ½ session, you choose how, when & where the session is held.
$125.00 + GST per session.

NOTE: A parent only session must happen before a Child only or a Teen only session can be set.
Children –  It’s an hour long session with an activity pre planned (arts & crafts, video games, pieces from nature) You as the parent help to choose the activity.
$100.00 + GST per session.
Teens – It’s an hour long session, done where the teen feels the most comfortable.
$100.00 + GST per session
The whole Family – If you’d like to consider a whole family session, please email me so that I can work with you to find the best way to honour each of you as individuals & create a framework for the change you’re hoping for.
This time is billed at $125.00 + GST an hour.

Typical length of time people spend coaching with me:
Adults – 3 to 6 months is the average
Children – 3 months is the average
Teens – 3 months is the average

There are always exceptions to these timelines of course & each person is free to end or extend sessions at any time.



Click here to fill out intake form