He answered, It’s upstairs hon.

I am a Mom and a business owner. I get distracted, I pretend I’m listening to the names of the Pokemon evolutions, while checking emails. I tell myself I’m great at multi tasking and I have to get these things done.

Then I remember the quote that says, if we don’t listen to the small stuff they say, they’ll never tell us the big stuff. Hello great big wave of guilt. Now I’m parenting from, I don’t want my child to not tell me the big stuff, I better listen to everything he says when he says it, place. At the same time I can feel the emails piling up. BAH, anyone know what I’m talking about? This situation is not creating great communication for anyone. In the right now or in the future.

It’s important to listen, no doubt about it. It’s also important to set clear boundaries for what we need to. “I have busy hands right now and will be there to help you in a minute” “I have to use my listening ears and my whole brain on _____ right now, I will be able to listen to you in ____ minutes” Set your boundaries and be your word. They might not tell time yet but they know the difference between 5 minutes and 15. Now we have clear communication. Once the task is complete they will get your full attention, and learn that there is appropriate times for talking and listening. Will it go smoothly no, not all the time. Will they learn, as will you, absolutely.

If you are distracted and they ask a question. Two things, either stop what you’re doing and ask them to repeat the question so you can answer accordingly, or don’t answer.

It’s upstairs, told her that what she was asking was not important enough to be listened to, and I know her Dad did not intend for that to happen at all!

We live in a busy world, we do the best we can every minute of every day. Little shifts, can make big impact.

Love Stacey