Simple, just change our minds! Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, that’s not simple at all. 44 years I’ve been creating this mind. Growing up, learning, listening, being and creating meaning for every single part of it. Changing my mind, seems way too hard, in fact not even possible.

There are a collection of quotes that float around and show up everywhere about how our thoughts become our reality. Thoughts. One liners, fleeting little tid bits, pop ups, internal dialogue. They can seem to be lightweight, passing through and then gone.

Way more simple to grasp. Way more simple to take on. I really believe we can.

What if we created a new practice of only listening to the ones that spoke to our true self. You got this Momma! I’m such a great parent. These kids are so lucky to have me. I’m their Daddio and their true hero.

What if we shut down the ones that had us feel not enough, not lovable and not worthy. Catch the negative thought, quietly inside yourself say. That’s not true. Then stand there for a second breathe in what is true. Find the mantra that speaks to you and use it. I’m a rockstar parent is my favorite right now. Say yours over and over again and then again and again.

I believe it’s true. Changing our negative thoughts about ourselves as parents, can be simple and I know it works! We all want to raise the best humans we can. Believing we are the best person to do that is a powerful place to come from and the results will speak for themselves.

I’m right here to listen as you shift those negative thoughts, choose a mantra and to cheer you on as the awesome parent I know you are. Reach out.

Love Stacey