JULY 5th is National Bikini Day!

Of COURSE you can choose to make it Bikini Day any day you choose.

Food ideas:

Pancakes, waffles & toast can all be cut into triangles & placed on the plates to look like bikinis!  Cheese, sliced deli meats & pita breads all could too! What about two fried eggs for the top & bacon strips made into the bottoms! Or just bikini briefs for the men in your life, this is all in the name of fun!


Craft ideas:

Using what’s available in your house or you may need to get a few things from the store.  

Paper, pencils, crayons, markers, stickers, paint or pastels. Cut out triangles of all shapes & sizes, add any size & shape ribbons for the ties.  Cut out the same from fabrics. Use this template to make paper doll chains, decorate each one with a different bikini!

 Book ideas:

Already on your shelf, get it from the library or borrow it from a friend.






Classroom ideas:

This section will be back in September xo


Mindful Minutes:

Time spent together doing something that acknowledges the day.

Talk to your child about summer time comfort in bathing suits.  What feels best on their bodies, not only in shape & size but in colour & patterns?  As parents we are looking for protection & suitability for the adventures they need them for, it’s a great time to actually have them think about bathing suits as another form of personal expression.  Do they feel cooler & more free in a bikini? Or in bikini briefs only? Or does being in a full piece in full floral have them feel more comfortable. It’s fun to ask & to see what would really have them feel their best.  


Doing fun things with our children creates a deeper connection with them.  

With deeper connection we create opportunities to talk, to laugh & to be seen experiencing joy, which is so important! Love, Stacey


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