About Stacey

Story Teller, Mom, Heart Shape Finder, and Peace Maker

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Stacey Tucker is a successful entrepreneur, a teacher, an author and a parent. The Bodhi Tree (Bow-Dee Tree) and Stacey was created out of Stacey’s deep rooted belief in meditation and mindfulness. The goal of The Bodhi Tree and Stacey is to inspire, educate and evoke a sense of mindfulness in children and their parents all over the world.

Over the last 30 years, Stacey has taught and worked with children and parents in a variety of capacities: as a teacher, a mentor and a leader. Her insight into children’s needs and parents’ wants for their children motivated her to start writing stories based on the knowledge and experience she has acquired from making meditation part of her own life.

The Bodhi Tree and Stacey is a profound way of allowing children the

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chance to take a break from the stimulus rich environment they are living in and relax their mind. The goal of the stories and the guided meditation is to teach children a life skill in an age appropriate and imaginative medium.

Through stories written and narrated by Stacey coupled with the guided meditation, the audio files encourage children to use their imagination to discover their own inner calm and tranquility. Incorporated into each story is the concept of metta, a loving kindness practice used to evoke a boundless warm-hearted feeling towards themselves, their loved ones and each of the creatures they meet.

As a co-owner of Platypus Playcentre Centre for 6 years, Stacey has been able to see how quiet, mindfulness and meditation benefits children of all energy levels. Within her community, The Bodhi Tree and Stacey is currently being used by counsellors and practitioners who specialize in mind and body wellness for children.

As a mother of two very active boys, Stacey has taken her maternal knowledge, her extensive experience and education and her entrepreneurial drive and created a most incredible gift for parents and children alike.

The Bodhi Tree and Stacey is a beautiful way of quieting the mind and allowing children the chance to listen, let their imagination run wild and just “be”.

The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Tree is the name of the tree the Buddha was said to be sitting under when he achieved enlightenment – which can also be called Bodhi.

I love the history of it.  I also love the fact that the leaves on a Bodhi Tree are all heart-shaped.

The Bodhi Tree visual that I see for all of us. When you sit still your bottom touches the ground and you become rooted.  Your back sits up tall like a trunk.  Your arms are branches extending out into the world and all of your thoughts become the hundreds of leaves, may many of them be true to your heart.