About Stacey

Story Teller, Mom, Heart Shape Finder, and Peace Maker

Photo by Justa Jeskova

Thanks for being here, I’m Stacey

I use the art of storytelling combined with the
practices of mindfulness & meditation,
to promote peace, connection & education.

About Stacey Tucker

💙  Degree in Early Childhood Development
💙  Parent to 2 boys
💙  Platypus Playcentre Owner & Operator
💙  Bodhi Tree & Stacey creator
💙  Professional Life Coach
💙  Meditation Teacher
💙  Creator of my amazing life

In 1990 I graduated with a Degree in Early Childhood Development from Melbourne University & I have been working with families for over 20 years. My experience has been varied, I have worked in both extremely low & extremely high socio economic areas in both Canada & in Australia. All of it giving me a depth of understanding of how beautiful & ugly parenting is.

I became a parent for the first time in 2007 & the second time in 2010. Both times I suffered with postnatal depression & will forever be grateful for the love & support of my Squamish community.

I proudly opened Platypus Playcentre in Squamish BC in 2008 with Louise Schell & an incredible team of Squamish women. All of whom will forever be part of the fabric of mine & my children’s lives. Platypus Playcentre set a new standard for childcare in a number of ways. We created a purpose built children’s centre using play based, student led learning & it  encompassed all educational philosophies.

In 2015 I created, The Bodhi Tree & Stacey, (learn more here) in an attempt to reach more children, giving them an opportunity to learn mindful meditation practices that I knew they so desperately needed.

Stepping away from Platypus Playcentre, I went back to school & became a professional Life Coach, spurred on by my desire to help parents gain further understanding about themselves & how to be the parents they had repeatedly told me they wanted to be. It also allowed me to hone my communication skills, my human development knowledge & my understanding of human wants, needs & desires.

I have been coaching full time since 2016.

My superpowers are listening, acknowledging & honouring. I help people see themselves from a different perspective, assisting them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. I provide access to healing, to self acceptance & to dream activation, all while being a neutral, safe, loving human.

Each week I work with coaching clients, I teach meditation classes, I promote peace to children all over the world using my Bodhi Tree stories,  I’m a Mom to my 2 gorgeous boys & I live a life that truly inspires me in a million ways! Learn more here. 

About The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Tree is the name of the tree the Buddha was said to be sitting under when he achieved enlightenment – which can also be called Bodhi.

I love the history of it.  I also love the fact that the leaves on a Bodhi Tree are all heart-shaped.

The Bodhi Tree truly represents who I am & what my purpose is. I am grounded deep in wisdom & strength,

I create a safe place to sit & simply be, I provide comfort & compassion always,

I extend love to all, everyone walks away with a sense of peace.