About - The Bodhi Tree and Stacey

About Stacey

Story Teller, Mom, Heart Shape Finder, and Peace Maker

Photo by Justa Jeskova

Thanks for being here, I’m Stacey

I use the art of storytelling combined with the
practices of mindfulness & meditation,
to promote peace, connection & education.


Our children are experiencing higher rates of anxiety than in any other time or place.  I choose to make a difference & to bring peace to children.  The Bodhi Tree and Stacey stories are my profound way of allowing children the chance to take a break from the stimulus rich environment they are living in & relax their minds to find a little peace. The goal of the stories & the guided meditations is to teach children a life skill in an age appropriate & imaginative medium. Reducing anxiety, sleeping better, able to concentrate & get back to play are only some of the positive effects.


I encourage everyone who uses The Bodhi Tree and Stacey stories to sit or lie beside your child while they listen.  Let me tell you both a story, breathe together & use the time to connect in a calm, relaxing way. 5 minutes peace & a delicious experience for you both.


Over the last 30 years, I have taught & worked with children & parents in a variety of capacities: as a teacher, a mentor & a leader. My insight into children’s needs & parents’ wants for their children motivated me to start writing stories based on knowledge & educational experience & from making meditation part of my own life.

Thanks for joining me.
Love, Stacey

The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Tree is the name of the tree the Buddha was said to be sitting under when he achieved enlightenment – which can also be called Bodhi.

I love the history of it.  I also love the fact that the leaves on a Bodhi Tree are all heart-shaped.

The Bodhi Tree truly represents who I am & what my purpose is. I am grounded deep in wisdom & strength,

I create a safe place to sit & simply be, I provide comfort & compassion always,

I extend love to all, everyone walks away with a sense of peace.