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Slow release

My mission as I've told you before is to SLOW THINGS DOWN There is familiarity, creative knowledge building and a sense of calm that comes from repetition for children. Repetition is also a valuable tool in children's literacy acquisition. It is our adult perceptions...

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When the time is right

Story Times of the day After you have read to your family, or in some cases after they have read to you is a fabulous time to press play on a Bodhi Tree and Stacey story. Everyone is in listening mode, the setting is just right. May I suggest having your device ready...

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Nothing to see here folks!

Welcome! Thank you for finding your way to The Bodhi Tree and Stacey and for wanting to make a difference in the world, by sharing meditation and mindfulness with children. It's a fast paced unpredicatable world, we click a button and all we need, want, desire, loath...

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I saw you…

I saw you… They are Facebook posts, created as an acknowledgement of the fact that I am looking at you and smiling from a place of love, not of judgement. Keep smiling at one another, keep acknowledging, its the best gig in the world, but it's tiring and hard and SO...

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Holding Hands

Hold your own hand Interlock your hands, do it now without even thinking about it. Now take them apart and interlock them again this time with the opposite thumb on top and the fingers all moved. Experience the sensation, it’s different.  To me it feels as though I’m...

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Hey you!

Ya you, your bathtub’s full! “I don’t want to yell at my children.  It doesn’t work and I feel awful after”  I have heard this over and over again.  I have felt this same way, many a time. There are plenty of resources sharing alternatives that you could choose...

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Little mind shifts, creating big impact.

Simple, just change our minds! Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, that’s not simple at all. 44 years I’ve been creating this mind. Growing up, learning, listening, being and creating meaning for every single part of it. Changing my mind, seems way too hard, in fact not even possible....

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Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

If we looked at parenting like we were tending a garden, we would see many types of gardeners and gardens. The trailing vine garden, where the gardener engages simply and consistently. Providing water and general provisions for growth and well being. The gardener also...

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Take off the itchy sweater!

You know, that behaviour, or those behaviours that our children exhibit. Here’s the thing, it’s not you. The behaviours are not yours. Please don’t own them, don’t take them on, don’t wear them like an itchy course knitted woolen sweater. Look at the behaviour, stop...

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Get there early

Before anything else we are human beings. As we move through our lives we collect stories about ourselves and right, wrong or indifferent, they come into play a lot! Here’s what I propose. Let’s practice shifting aside the stories, concerns, fears, worries before we...

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Hey Dad are we going soon?

He answered, It’s upstairs hon. I am a Mom and a business owner. I get distracted, I pretend I’m listening to the names of the Pokemon evolutions, while checking emails. I tell myself I’m great at multi tasking and I have to get these things done. Then I remember the...

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