Collection of stories for Children Ages 3-11 (Monthly Subscription)

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The Bodhi Tree & Stacey is the home to a collection of imaginative stories written and narrated by me, Stacey. From an arctic adventure on the icy tundra, to an early morning walk through a barnyard, the guided mindfulness and meditation stories create a peaceful magic, encouraging children to use their imaginations to discover their own inner calm and tranquility. Incorporated into each story is the concept of metta, loving kindness practice used to evoke a boundless warm-hearted feeling towards themselves, their loved ones and each of the creatures they meet.

1 review for Collection of stories for Children Ages 3-11 (Monthly Subscription)

  1. Mark

    My daughter and I have come to know Stacey through her stories. They’re not just fun and amazing to listen to. They teach mindfulness. It’s such an important tool for kids. It’s so amazing to be doing this!

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