Listeners shared the following…

Your stories are perfect! Your voice is so kind and friendly I can’t help but smile the whole time. The love you have for children comes right through in your kind and friendly voice. At the end, when you say, “I’m so proud of you,” I can tell it is genuine and from your heart.

AR, North Carolina USA

My students really liked the 10 breaths. We have also made a goal to improve our visualization skills. They really enjoy your stories.

SDB, Pemberton BC

My 3 loved it, mesmerized to the very end. I loved watching their smiles throughout the recording.

MB, Ringwood AUS

I simply loved it and can’t wait to go on my next Bodhi Tree adventure!

TD, Squamish BC

OMG I love it!

MR, Squamish BC

Thank you for this magical gift of listening to you and introducing meditation to my girls. It is the best parenting tool I have ever had for bedtime.

AG, Brazil

It’s the perfect thing if I’m putting both kids to bed and one is waiting for me. Thank you. Plus, it relaxes me so much too!

KMC, New York USA